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Welcome to FAR, meet Kelly Steward, a life coach and speaker.

The journey I’m asking you to take with me, is a road I’ve traveled before. I spent years trying to live up to the norm and check all the boxes. What I discovered was that the largest obstacle I faced was not knowing my value. When we don’t know our value, we stay in a cycle of never being ”enough”. As a wife, mother, corporate professional and leader, always trying to live up to an unwritten standard was exhausting.

Now, as a coach, I partner with women to unlearn the false narrative they have been taught about their value; that value is only assigned based on something we have or something we do. I challenge that notion by stating that we have value simply because we exist. I teach women to find their inherent value. I invite women to go on a journey of self-discovery, self care and self improvement, to ultimately gain self confidence.

We are a minority-owned woman owned business that provides guidance, resources and encouragement through life coaching, workshops, and seminars. Our goal is to equip women with the tools to become their authentic selves while finding value in the broken places in their lives. As a result participants will find confidence and value in themselves.

Business Launch

Discovering your value

Saturday, October 21, 2023 at 2:00pm
50 Springside Rd, Westampton, NJ 08060

$25 Registration Fee

Upcoming Event

What are you worth? Five steps to finding your value

Sunday, October 1, 2023 at 2:15pm
Holistic Health & Healing Expo
The Boardroom
The Westin Mount Laurel
555 Fellowship Rd, Mt Laurel, NJ

Seats are limited | Workshop is Free, Registration Required


To create safe spaces around the world where women can feel free to be their authentic, imperfect, valuable selves


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Everyone can use support at some time in their life. Whether you are dealing with personal issues of loss, disappointment, relationship challenges, parenting obstacles or any other concern – we are hear to help.


Published Article – Natural Awakenings Magazine

Read my article featured in this NJ based publication! I often lend my experience, tips and advice to periodicals to share the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years. I hope you enjoy it!

“FAR meet ups has been such a safe space for me. Being a leader in all areas of my life it can be difficult to find a shared space with like minded women who want to share in growth experiences. The women I have met and spent time with have been a catalyst for growth. Finding FAR meet ups has been such a fun and growing experience. I recommend FAR to all women. Let’s grow together!!”
Hollie W.

“Kelly, a dynamic speaker, and woman of God, has a passion for ministering to women and helping them to find their value. She brings her personality, compassion, and sense of humor as she shares from her heart to bring hope and healing to many. Balancing marriage, parenting, full-time employment, and ministry, Kelly can relate to the challenges that we as women face as we struggle to find time for ourselves while often being the “superwoman” to others. Hospitality and intercessory prayer are additional gifts that she shares with others to make them feel the gracious Love of our Heavenly Father. Seeing her spiritual growth as she dives into her purpose has challenged me to trust the process as God is moving me in the direction of my purpose.”
Andrea S.

“Kelly possesses an incredibly distinctive sense of humor and engagement, enabling her to share stories genuinely and lightheartedly navigate tough situations, spreading joy in a healthy manner. She truly lights up the room! I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with her and witnessing her radiate positivity throughout any space she’s in.”
Dena B.

“Kelly Steward was our special guest speaker at our 10th Anniversary Celebration Women’s Tea. When the Lord shared her name with me, knowing Kelly I was a little hesitant at first in asking her, but I also knew I had to do what He told me to do. Little did I know when I asked her He had already told her to do it. She just didn’t know how the it would come. Kelly shared with the women her heart. Pure, simple, honest, and humble and the women responded in kind as many were drawn to her in prayer. Wanting and needing her to lay her hands on them. I watched and stood in awe as God poured put His spirit on this young lady and used her in a mighty way to touch women, young and older, mothers and daughters. I met Kelly over 12 years ago and she has always had a loving, caring, nurturing, sweet and gentle spirit. It was such a joy to see how much that love touched the lives of so many other women in need.”
Evelyn F.

“The women’s gatherings created by Far Above Rubies have phenomenal. I’m beyond grateful to find a space so trustworthy and safe. The women in this circle are weighty, humble, authentic, and willing to share their wisdom with one another. Few are quite like this!”
Alissia H.

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